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When it comes to installing a swimming pool heat pump, we only fit the best equipment from WaterCo. WaterCo heat pumps have a Titanium heat conductor, Titanium being one of the best metals for conduction of heat available. All units are quality assured to Canadian standards, with the outer casing made from Poly carbonate. When you couple this with the Titanium heat exchanger, ugly rust stains become a thing of the past.

All WaterCo heat pumps are class A rated energy efficient machines which can save up to 50% against natural gas heaters, and up to 500% against other electrical heaters. These units are known for their energy efficiency where by they can generate up to 5KW of heat for every 1KW of electrical energy expended. This figure increases to 5.2KW per 1 KW, in the ambient air temperature of the Canary Islands.

All WaterCo machines have scroll compressors fitted which have advantages over rotary compressors such as reduction in noise, can take most type of refrigerants, higher power output and are Minimum Energy Performance Standard approved (MEPS).

There are many heat pumps available to choose from, but unfortunately, we hear from people who have installed a cheaper pump, and do regret it, as some makes struggle to perform well when the temperature drops below 15º.

WaterCo swimming pool heat pumps have a 10 year warranty on the Titanium heat exchanger, 3 year warranty on the compressor and a 2 year parts and labour warranty on the remaining parts. They also have the following advantages over other makes of heat pump;

  • Reverse closed cycle systems for the heating.
  • Digital thermostat for control of temperature.
  • 50% saving against fossil fuel heaters.
  • 500% saving against other electrical heaters.
  • COP 5.2 rated efficient titanium heat exchanger.
  • Minimum maintenance, very long life expectancy.
  • Acoustic insulation. Works silently.
  • Safe design - recessed fan & rounded corners.

What Is Heatsavr?
Heatsavr is a liquid pool cover with all the advantages of a traditional pool cover and fewer disadvantages. It forms a monomolecular layer over the surface of a swimming pool which is transparent and significantly reduces the evapouration of the pool water, which is the primary cause of temperature loss.

Concieved and patented in Canada more than 16 years ago by the AMEX quoted company Flexible Solutions, this revolutionary product will reduce your pool heating bills and has the following features;

  • Can save up to 50% on pool heating costs
  • Reduces loss of water and chemicals via evapouration
  • Non toxic and fully safety tested by independant bodies
  • Tatesless, odorless and undetectable by pool users
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduces humidity with indoor pools
  • More asthetically pleasing than conventional covers

How It Works
A monomolecur (1 molecule thick) layer of the product spreads over the pools surface to help prevent loss of heat via evapouration. The layer is lighter than water and thus floats to the surface, with the particles being attracted to each other forming a barrier between the air and water. If the water is disturbed by a swimmer, the barrier is quickly reformed once the water is calm. Click here to visit our dedicated Heatsavr site.